Entries to the Junior Nationals will open from 18:30 Friday 26th February. Please see details below.

Entries to the 2 Seat Training will open from 18:30 Friday 26h February. Please see details below.

Please contact us with any questions.

Junior Nationals

To fly in the Junior Nationals you will need your Silver badge and an FAI Competition Licence. The entry fee for this year is £80 (for UK pilots), however we are pleased to announce that this will be fully sponsored by the BGA this year.

For this year only we are raising the entry age limit by 1 year to allow those that would have flown their final Juniors in the cancelled 2020 comp to fly one final Junior Nationals. There are a few caveats to this:

  • Any Junior Champion would have to fit the standard age criteria (under 26 in 2021)
  • Any ‘correct’ age entries take priority in the entry list (so make sure you get entries in on time!)
  • Any ‘overage’ entrants may not be eligible for BGA sponsorship – we’ll confirm nearer the time based on the number of entries
  • No ‘overage’ entries would impact Junior Squad development training criteria (e.g. no ‘correct’ age entrant would miss out because they were one position too low in the rankings due to an ‘overage’ entrant)

Not get your Silver yet? Don’t worry, you don’t need it to enter, you’ll just need it by the start of the competition. Enter anyway and we’ll get you into the competition when you’ve completed it (numbers depending), or potentially give you a spot on the 2 Seat Training if you don’t get it in time.

If you would like to compete in the Junior Nationals but are unsure whether you will complete your Silver badge in time for the competition, we recommend that you submit an entry for the competition and also apply for the 2 Seat Training

To apply for/renew your competition licence, do this via the BGA website. Entries received from people without a valid FAI Licence will not be given priority, so please do this before entering (if you don’t have your Silver, don’t worry about this bit yet).

Click here to enter.

Entries for the Junior Nationals closed at midnight on 31st March 2021. However, you can still use the above link to submit a late entry. Priority will be given to those who entered on time.

We will release an entry list in late April. Please bear with us – this competition is run by volunteers.

2 Seat Training

For those not ready to fly in the competition we offer Training flights in 2 seaters with coaches. This is a great opportunity to get to know what competition flying is all about.

The 2 Seat Training is aimed at those who are close to competition level (i.e. probably have Bronze and XC Endorsement), but we invite applications from everyone. We make an allowance for age when choosing successful applicants. We know you can’t complete bronze until 15 & XC endorsement until 16. Don’t forget, that doesn’t stop you having it all signed off ready to send to the BGA on your birthday. Whatever your level, if you’re interested in the two seater coaching then get applying

Unfortunately we cannot give places to everyone, so places will be awarded to those who we deem will benefit the most from the experience.

Click here to enter.

Entries will close at the end of April 2021.