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    nymXCNympsfield XC tasks
    Today is scrubbed. Next briefing 10am Sunday. Grid lists are available in control
    24 months ago
    nymXCNympsfield XC tasks
    The 2013 Juniors Championship will be opening at Nympsfield in 4 days
    25 months ago
  • British Junior Gliding Championships



    We are pleased to announce that the 2014 Junior National Championships will take place at Lasham on 16th-24th August.

    The entry is open to anyone whose 26th birthday falls after 2014, and you must have a silver badge before the competition starts.

    If you do not have your silver, you can participate in the two seater training which runs alongside the competition. This aims to give a flavour of competition flying to those who are not yet experienced enough to fly in it.

    Entries for the competition and the two seater training can be made at www.gliding.co.uk/juniorsentry, and should be made by 30th April (you can apply after this date, but you may only get a place if there are any available).


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    Bye Everyone

    It’s been a fantastic week. ¬†Great racing, great sportsmanship, and happy pilots at the end of it all. The Pimms tent is dispensing cheer, and we are set for an epic evening of music, food and beer. See you all next time, and safe trip home.



    As my wife has been so fantastic this summer letting me do lots of gliding I have decided to take a sabbatical for the next few years so that she can fly instead and so I’ll have time to take her and the kids on lots of lovely holidays!!!!. N.B. This was Angela logging into […]


    Prize giving

    A reminder that prize giving will be at 18.00 and there will be an aerobatic display before this at  17.45.



    There will be an aerobatic display by Colin Short in the Pilatus B4 at 5.45 this evening.


    De-brief and Prizegiving

    Juniors de-brief will be at 4.30 in the Brown Elephant. Prizegiving will be at 6pm.


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